How Donations make a difference

What Does my donation Do?

Somebody Cares Baltimore relies 100% on the financial gifts of people who see the vision and want to help us make it a reality.
Somebody Cares Baltimore works to translate every financial contribution into the maximum benefit to every individual we serve. We get as much out of every dollar donated and multiply those dollars through hard work, matching grants, and Gifts-In-Kind.  All donations are used to facilitate saturating communities with prayer and acts of compassion and train leaders. Currently, we are working on special projects concerning Prayer Circles, Relief and working toward our dream of The Joseph Storehouse. Donations can be made as a one-time gift (as often as you like) or recurring gifts when you sign in and create an account.

Ways To Donate

Somebody Cares Baltimore is a 501c3 organization.
If you make a donation, you will receive an end of year charitable donation letter.

Give Online

You can give online or through our mobile app.

Mail A Check

Make and send a checks to:
Somebody Cares Baltimore
PO Box 10877
Baltimore, MD 21234

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