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Somebody Cares Baltimore relies 100% on the financial gifts of people who see the vision and want to help us make it a reality.

Somebody Cares Baltimore works diligently not only to get as much out of every dollar donated but to multiply those dollars through hard work, matching grants, and Gifts In Kind.  All donations are used to bring various groups together, provide quality experiences for our volunteers and most of all make sure that each and every individual we serve gets the maximum benefit.

You can contribute through donations that translate into immediate benefits.  For this we have developed an easy method for both one time and recurring giving.  You are welcome to make one-time donations (as often as you like) by clicking on the “Donate” button.  You may also create an account that allows you to open and control your recurring gifts.  Just click on Donate and, under “frequency”, select a recurring gift, then set up your own account that you control and change at any time.

How donations can make a difference…

$10 provides a Bag Of Hope, which is a care package composed of hygiene products and information where homeless teens and adults can get help year round.

 $50 offers a BPD Officer and their spouse to an evening of appreciation and uplift for their marriage.

 $100 can provide resources for two pastors or community leaders through one of the numerous training and development projects offered through out the year.

 $250 sponsors a student to attend a mission week deepening their walk with character training and outreach experience by serving multiple communities.

$500 can provide a music and arts summer camp for 10 children in East Baltimore giving them hope while experiencing the joy and educational uplift that comes from being a part of this learning community. I Can Do It Music and Arts Camps serve 150 children with a quality experience, a back pack full of school supplies for six months, nutritious meals during the camp and to take home with them. The total cost of the camps are $10,000.

$1000 Sponsors the Day Of Hope where more than 3,000 people can freely receive groceries, safe and exciting day of activities for their children, education tools for children, job fairs, housing counseling and be exposed to 30 community service providers for long term care and assistance. The total cost of a Day Of Hope is $15,000 plus gift in kind donations.

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