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Our Team

Matt Stevens - President

Matt and his wife Katy founded Somebody Cares Baltimore in the Spring of 2009. Matt serves as the President, a position in which he couples his passions for connecting people and leading in the Baltimore region. Matt’s focus is on Somebody Cares Baltimore through connecting agencies, churches, and organizations together to collaborate and revitalize communities. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Church Business Administration. He is also certified in Organizational Strategic Planning and Facilitation, Licensed and Ordained Minister, and holds a Certificate from the Foundation of School of Ministry. He enjoys fishing, spending time with his family, and his two dogs.

Josh Stevens - Operations Coordinator

Josh joined the Somebody Cares team in the Fall of 2010 as the Operations Coordinator, where he applies his heart for people with his ability to demonstrate his knowledge of logistical organization of projects and events. Josh is an accountant at First Street Management. He is completing a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management. He enjoys playing and coaching football.

Tess Reich - Executive Administrator

Tess joined the Somebody Cares team in the Spring of 2016 as the Executive Administrator, a position in which she applies her love for organization with her ability to handle finances in assist in the overall organizational health. Tess is a Client Relationship Manager for Home Centris where she empowers people through innovative health care solutions. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and Social Work and is a Certified Financial Counselor. She enjoys spending time with her two adult daughters, her close friends, and leading small groups.

Amanda Condyles - Communications Coordinator

Amanda joined the Somebody Cares team in the Winter of 2017 the Communications Coordinator, a position in which she applies her knowledge or written and verbal communication styles to reach people about the mission of Somebody Cares. Amanda is a faith-based consultant where she couples her love for inner city ministry and structures to help non-profits in the region reach their full potential. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and
a Certificate in Leadership in Ministry.
She enjoys reading and spontaneous adventures.

Jon Mauler - Media Coordinator

Jon joined the Somebody Cares team in the summer of 2016 as the Media Coordinator, a position in which he applies his expertise with Story driven content and Social Media Marketing in Somebody Cares’ online presence. Jon is a freelancer and director of a small video production company. He combines his passion for excellence and communication with his love for technology and stories. He has a Certification in Music Production and Recording. He enjoys backpacking and a good podcast in his spare time.

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